Storage Container Accessories in Glen Allen, Virginia

We offer many additional items that you need when storing your belongings. At A-Box Mobile Storage Containers in Glen Allen, Virginia, .

Inside a Container, Storage Container Accessories in Glen Allen, VA

Storage Container Accessories

Whether you are storing boxes, clothing, or many other items, we have accessories that make it easier. Our units are 8-feet high, and accommodate just about anything you need to keep safe. Our mobile storage accessories include clothing rods to hang garments for easy shipping or storage, a ceiling light for assistance and safety, and a power receptacle

Security Features

Keep your belongings safe by storing them with A-Box Mobile Storage Containers. Our containers have bird resistant lockable steel roll-up doors. 

A fenced storage location with a security gate is available if requested.

Contact us in Glen Allen, Virginia, to learn more about our convenient storage container accessories.